DogeList Docs

Integrate Badge

Quick guide on how to integrate the DogeList badge
What's that: Add our package to your frontend in order to display a nice badge to show off how amazing your project truly is!
In order to become a useful tool for every project on DogeChain, and gather more attention we have developed a one line of code module that gives all project owners a nice looking badge on their website as soon as they are listed on DogeList.
// yarn install dogelist-ui-badge
Now let's import the module in the footer or header component:
// import { DogelistBadge } from 'dogelist-ui-badge';
The final step is to call the imported module using:
// <DogelistBadge/>
You will get a frontend badge like following one if one of these conditions return true
  • Listed on DogeList
  • Audited on DogeList
  • KYC on Dogelist
If you are not listed on the badge won't show up on your website